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More Than Mediocre

That's What I Think Anyway

By Tracey-Leigh Davey

For some great tips and insight, grab this opportunity to purchase Tracey-Leigh's book.

Showcasing Tracey-Leigh's professional articles, poetry and real life short stories - this beautiful collection of writings will inspire and delight you.

Written with honesty, clarity and insight, Tracey-Leigh opens her life and experiences to her readers with a no-bones openness that will not only touch and warm you; but will build lasting trust and affinity with her.

More Than Mediocre

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“Tracey-Leigh’s reflections on her experiences of life are both inspirational and heart warming. She is not afraid to tell it like it is: the highs and lows of love, her hopes and her dreams, the challenges she has faced and her regrets. She rejoices in being human because it invites growth and an acceptance of self. Her insight is remarkable. This collection of articles, poetry and short stories can ease pain and encourage change”.

Elissa Jackson, Psychologist, Victoria

More Than Mediocre

What Readers have had to say:

I truly admire Tracey-Leigh's honest insights. Her writing provoked my strong empathy and an accurate comprehension of her experiences. Her ownership and strength was communicated and inspirational. She connected to my own experiences and encouraged me to reflect on them. This growth provided me with a sense of warmth, as I felt understood and supported. I intend to stay "in the moments" for longer. A very valuable book. Thanks Tracey-Leigh.

Tiffany Casey, aged 25 of Cotton Tree, Queensland

Reading your book was so eye opening for me. It gave me hope and connected me to myself in a way that surprised me. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and what you have been thorough, that must have taken great courage and it somehow made me feel stronger. You are a very wise and inspirational woman. Thank you.

Catherine, aged 38 or Narre Warren Victoria

Great read. Thank you so much Tracey-Leigh for reminding me about how connections are so important in our lives. Your book is so inspiring and i found it truly insightful.

Cathy Maria, aged 45 of Chain Valley Bay NSW

This book touched me. I was really impressed by what the author shared - her honesty and openness in talking about her experiences of pain and how she overcame it. Very courageous and very inspiring. It gave me real hope.

Bruce Jones aged 48 of Brisbane, Queensland

Let me start by saying I like the way Tracey-Leigh writes. The book is not voluminous and is easy to read. I like her honesty about what she's been through in her life. I related to many of the chapters, maybe not exactly, but I was able to say "Hey, my life was similar or I've been through similar experiences". Tracey-Leigh has been counselling me for a number of months now. She is a caring person and is very considerate of her clients and knowing her as I do in a professional manner, I like very much who she is and her book only vindicates this about her. There's no pretense or fiction in her book and her down to earth approach in her writing is refreshing. The way Tracey-Leigh writes about what's happened in her life touches me and makes me think how lucky I am in spite of what has happened in my life. I like the book and recommend others to read it. It's good, honest, empowering, empathetic and very enjoyable. I look forward to her next one.

Derek Maguire aged 54 of Narre Warren South, Victoria