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Tracey-Leigh's Story

Tracey-Leigh grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Victoria, Australia. She always felt like the odd one out in her family. Growing up without a father after her parents divorced when she was young, her family moved house a lot and she attended 6 different schools as a result. Just before she hit her teens, her mum re-married, expanding her family of four to a blended family of seven.

Tracey-Leigh - the counsellor as a child

Life changed quite dramatically after that and she struggled to adjust and cope with the impact of the change over the next few troubled years. Then still in her mid-teens, she found herself out of home, unprepared, and left to experience the big wide world for herself. She repeatedly discovered that love can hurt, lies can sound like the truth and the people you love and trust will often let you down.

Learning the hard way that bad boys are in fact - bad, she found true love for the first time when she gave birth to her son at age 20. Five years later, after fleeing an abusive relationship, she had her second child, a little girl.

Tracey-Leigh's Story - 2 beautiful children

Although many challenges followed as a single parent, it was then that Tracey-Leigh took control of her life and returned to study in her chosen career path and began to discover who she really was and how she fit into the big picture of life. Since then, Tracey-Leigh has developed amazing insight and instincts working with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and impacting lives for the better.

She started her counselling business as a divorced, broke, single mum of two and has since built it into a highly successful practice employing four staff. Now happily married to the love of her life, she is also an author, speaker and trainer and continues to challenge herself constantly to overcome any obstacles to her continued success and well being, both personally and professionally.

Tracey-Leigh's Story with her children

With a wisdom gleaned not only from professional training and personal development; but also from years of searching and discovery, joy and loss, heartbreak and healing, Tracey-Leigh maintains her optimistic nature and unshakable belief in the richness of life and love and is able to share this gift and connect with others in a profound and unique way. She speaks from the heart of who she is and what she knows - as a woman and mother, counsellor and business owner, lover and friend, a single mum, wife, ex-wife and step-mum. With a passion for people, experiencing everything, making a difference and living life to the fullest - Tracey-Leigh has much to say on life, love and relationships - and there's not much she couldn't tell you from first hand experience!

Tracey-Leigh's Children

Tracey-Leigh with husband ('The Steve') and their family :-)

I believe as a counsellor, you can only take others as far as you're prepared to go yourself. Maybe that's why I'm always growing and learning and constantly drawn towards the next challenge to expand my comfort zone. I know what it is to be human. I've suffered some seriously hard knocks, made some disastrous choices and travelled through the murky waters of despair. Today I can stand before you whole and healed. Scarred, for sure - but healed. And most days, I can accept my failings without judgment. Life, is beautiful. And love, is as essential as breathing. My experience of life and the lives of hundreds of others has thankfully given me a touch of wisdom to share with the world - and the journey is far from over.

Tracey-Leigh - The Counsellor