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We have an amazing and versatile team.  Learn more about our counsellors by clicking below or simply scroll down to view them all.

Tracey-Leigh Davey

Director and Business Owner, Tracey-Leigh became known for providing high impact counselling and effective strategies for creating lasting change. Her down to earth and unique style puts people at ease immediately, allowing them to quickly and fully engage in the counselling process to facilitate healing, create greater awareness, find peace and achieve positive measurable life change. It is this reputation that grew her solo practice into the 5 person team that it is today.

Tracey-Leigh brings a wisdom acquired not only from her professional training and practice but also from her own life experiences as a woman, wife, mother, ex-wife, step-mum and business manager. She has a real gift with people and is lucky enough to have found a perfect niche to utilise it.

Although Tracey-Leigh still has 1:1 clients, most of her time is now spent developing programs, running group events and supporting her amazing team. Her greatest desire is to impact larger numbers of people and impart her knowledge to others in order to support them to implement permanent, life changing results. Her counselling staff are all personally mentored by her, receiving regular debriefing and coaching sessions to constantly challenge them in developing their skills and intuition. She also stays on the edge of new findings and runs full training days for her team each month. Tracey-Leigh is passionate about sharing her wisdom and supporting her team's growth to bring out the best in them, so that the clients can reap the rewards and have complete confidence that Tracey-Leigh's counsellors are the very best to be found.

Counsellor Tracey-Leigh Davey More Than Mediocre

With more than 25 years experience working up close and personal with people who have shared with her their deepest struggles and innermost thoughts and feelings, Tracey-Leigh has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight and can draw out and identify issues quickly. She is innovative, instinctive and solution orientated and her authentic approach delivers outstanding outcomes and break-through moments, a practice that is contagious within her staff team, as they learn and develop their craft with her at the helm.

Tracey-Leigh is someone who is truly making a difference. She not only inspires - she empowers and equips people to live a life they love, a life that is definitely - More Than Mediocre. To learn more about Tracey-Leigh's journey - Read her Personal Story HERE.

"Thank you Tracey-Leigh. I seriously don't know where I'd be without you. You just get me. You've been so amazing, not just for me but for our whole family. I don't know how you got to be so wise but I am so grateful for the way you have been able to help us all through everything. We've come so far because of you."

Female client (47) of family with husband (50) and two daughters (17&21)

Karleigh Phillips

Karleigh joined the MTM team in 2014 as Receptionist and PA to Tracey-Leigh and in 2017 she moved into the role of Relationship and Life Coach.

Karleigh has a warm, friendly disposition, loves people and brightens up the office with just her smile alone. Karleigh truly shines when working with individuals and couples on relationship behaviours, communication skills, understanding personal boundaries and identifying emotional blocks. Her ability to implement effective strategies and stimulate powerful mindset shifts with clients is remarkable, stemming from a wisdom and experience that is well beyond her years.

Karleigh is intuitive, naturally empathetic, quick to identify issues and has a unique gift for supporting clients to expand their realm of possibility and to see what is truly possible for their lives. She uses a host of tools to support and help clients learn skills, make distinctions, gain faith and confidence in themself and others, and find the courage to implement the steps needed to make their vision a reality - and her clients love her for it!

A mum of two young girls, Karleigh balances her family life with her work and other commitments and fully understands the challenges faced by young families - as parents and as a couple.

Counsellor Cranbourne Karleigh PhillipsPhillips

With over 6 years experience working extensively with couples and families, she is able to support a deeper connection and improve communication and understanding between them and she has the strength and instincts to challenge clients to go deeper and also to support them through intense moments of pain and heartbreak into relief and reconciliation.

As Tracey-Leigh's daughter, Karleigh has grown up with the influence of her mother's teaching, insight and guidance throughout her life and has been involved in outreach activities and the counselling industry from a young age, but don't think that means she has not experienced her own personal challenges in life, such as learning to deal with her estranged and anger-challenged father from a very young age and to adjust to new members in the family, just to name a few. Karleigh has now trained under, and worked alongside Tracey-Leigh for over 8 years, growing her understanding of life, people & relationships and developing her own unique gifts. In fact, Karleigh has lived practically her whole 28 years of life "in training" for this role.

"[Karleigh] You have been amazing, thank you so much for all your help and guidance, you've been the biggest support. You are so good at what you do."

Female aged 29 of Frankston

Prianka Mehzabin

Prianka joined the MTM counselling team in October 2014 and is Tracey-Leigh's longest serving counsellor. Counselling is a role that Tracey-Leigh knew almost instantly that Prianka was born to fill. Prianka is kind and caring and her genuine and supportive nature helps clients to immediately relax in her company. Tracey-Leigh loves the way she listens, thinks and relates to her clients with such empathy and warmth - and that she is so intuitive and effective, achieving amazing outcomes with clients.

With great instincts and a real gift with people, Prianka is not only highly qualified, she has the natural ability to engage with clients and couples and put them at ease, creating a lasting bond with them. She is extremely popular with clients, many of whom have written wonderful testimonials. (See NB: below)

With a background in Social Work, Prianka is experienced in a wide range of issues with diverse groups of people and cultures. She is insightful, reflective and genuine and her skills have continued to advance during her years here at More Than Mediocre - and Tracey-Leigh trusts her inexplicitly.

Prianka works well with men and women, couples and families and supports clients through whatever issues they may be facing, issues such as conflict, relationship struggles, grief and loss, separation, blended families, anger, confusion, loss of direction, adolescent & behavioural issues, parenting, stress, anxiety and depression.

Counsellor Cranbourne Prianka Mehzabin

As a daughter, sister, student, wife and mother of 3, Prianka has experienced her own life struggles. These have resulted in a deep understanding of people, emotions and pain that has expanded her empathy, wisdom and trust in her clients to overcome pain and find the light on the other side of our darkest moments. She uses this to help others explore and express what they are feeling, identify needs, heal from past hurts and connect with others.

NB: Prianka is always seeking to grow and develop herself further and as such, after almost 10 years break from formal studies, she is currently completing the final phase to become a fully registered psychologist. Unfortunately, due to the requirements of AHPRA (Aust'n Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) we are unable to publish client testimonials for Prianka during this time and so have had to remove them from our website. Once Prianka has completed her final phase, we will be able to re-publish her client testimonials on our website - along with any new ones. Please rest assured - there are many!!

Kelly Robinson

Kelly is the newest member of the MTM counselling team, joining us in July 2022. With qualifications in Counselling, Psychology and Youth, Kelly has an extensive background in the wellbeing field, 12 years of which were working with children and teens within the school environment, including working with ADHD, autism and a range of disabilities.

Having grown up in the UK, Kelly emigrated to Australia in 2010 with her husband. Her teenage years in the UK had many challenges as she did life alongside friends and loved ones suffering with mental health issues, divorce and separation, dysfunctional family lives, eating disorders, violence, drug addiction and more - and Kelly became very street smart as a result. These experiences helped to shape Kelly into the strong, warm and supportive person that she is.

The last few years Kelly has further expanded her knowledge, most recently via an intensive one on one supervision and mentoring program with Tracey-Leigh in working with couples and individuals with complex needs. This has topped off Kelly's skill set and broadened her scope even further and Tracey-Leigh has been impressed with her insight and ability to apply strategies and process whilst leaving out all the "clinical" stuff and keeping it warm and real for the clients.

Counsellor Cranbourne Karleigh PhillipsPhillips

Kelly is very passionate about making a difference through counselling. It's the role she believes she was made for, so she was thrilled to be invited to join our beautiful team here at MTM. For Kelly, counselling is just a natural extension of who she is and what she is good at, and More Than Mediocre has been a perfect fit for her to do what she does best.

Aged 41, Kelly is a wife and mother of 3, highly relatable and extremely empathetic. As such, she connects with people of all ages, from young through to old age and works really well with couples, individuals, families and youth . Her warm nature is immediately comforting and clients report how quickly they relax in her company and how easy she is to talk to. It's so important to Kelly that her clients believe in themselves and she consistently provides them with the space and the tools to support them on their journey, recover from heartache, overcome obstacles, reconcile relationships and achieve their goals.

Carolyn Panetta

 Joining the MTM team in April 2022 as our Receptionist, Carolyn is now our Office Manager.  She instantly settled into the team and the business and made all our lives better - and she is perfect for us and this role.

Carolyn has a strong medical background having worked as a nurse for 8 years, predominantly in Theatre and Maternity, and she loved the opportunity to help others and provide care and support for her patients and their families. After further years in medical administration as well as becoming the school nurse at a local primary school and working alongside wellbeing staff, assisting families with legal matters and Department of Human Services, Carolyn found her way to MTM. Not surprisingly, she has found herself to be right in her element here at MTM, as she continues to skillfully provide care and support for our clients and the counselling team.

Carolyn is the first voice you will speak to and often the first face you will see when you call and attend here at MTM. She is super-organised, attentive and efficient and does it all with warmth and a smile. Her caring and genuine nature provides a sense of calm and comfort for all within More Than Mediocre, simply by her presence here.

Carolyn is a wife and mother to 3 children, spends her weekends supporting the kids with their sporting involvement and loves a Sunday afternoon catch up with neighbours by the fire!

For any questions or to make a booking, you can contact Carolyn via phone or SMS on (0401) 300 635 during office hours.

Counsellor Cranbourne Prianka Mehzabin

"Change begins with you. If you stop focusing on what is external to you - the things that lay outside of your power and control - and focus instead on changing your own internal world, you can experience true freedom. Learning to manifest peace and calm within yourself, regardless of whatever storms surround you, is priceless, for you and for those around you".

Tracey-Leigh Davey

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