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Please see below for a sample of some of the many written testimonials we receive from our clients.

In 2018, some LIVE video testimonials were recorded by clients as a tribute to Tracey-Leigh celebrating 21 years as a counsellor. These are heart-felt and genuine and it is with their permission that we share them with you.

More Than Mediocre

More written testimonials below

"After my marriage fell apart I was so angry I couldn't even speak to my 'ex' without getting in a fight. I knew the kids were suffering because of it but I couldn't seem to get a handle on it. The counselling really helped me to keep my anger at her separate, for the kid's sake. My relationship with the kids improved so much as a result. I'm much calmer these days and I know that even though I don't love my ex anymore, the kids still do - and so they should, she's their mother! I guess not everything is about me! Glad I worked that out before I completely ruined everything. Thanks Tracey-Leigh."

Male aged 38 of Berwick - [Tracey-Leigh]

"When I went to see Tracey-Leigh I was going through one of the roughest times of my life. Depressed, pregnant and separated, I felt hopeless and helpless. But I learned how to let go of the past and was even given a little push to step up in the world. I began to believe I was worth it and deserved more. Without Tracey-Leigh's help, I'd still be stuck in a job I hated, feeling like I was nothing and being used as a doormat. I'm no longer depressed and I've moved on with my life. I now know I am worth it, and it's ok to be me".

Female aged 26 of Warragul - [Tracey-Leigh]

"You have been amazing, thank you so much for all your help and guidance, you've been the biggest support. You are so good at what you do."

Female aged 29 of Frankston - [Karleigh]

"Wow. Thank you Tracey-Leigh. You have helped me through a life changing situation and I am excited about my new chapter. I can return to being the real me rather than the sad and depressed version I've been for some time. Priceless counselling. 200% recommendation."

Female aged 46 of Berwick - [Tracey-Leigh]

"I've seen a lot of counsellors over the years and you've had more impact, in a shorter amount of time than all of them put together. Thank you. You are very good at what you do."

Male aged 45 of Highett - [Tracey-Leigh]

"Thank you so much for last week's session, it shifted a lot of things for me in my head to be able to move on a bit - and to grieve, enabling me to feel strong enough to do what I needed to do. Thank you. You're the only person who really understands me".

Female aged 53 of Clyde North

"It's weird, I thought talking to a stranger would feel awkward, but I've opened up to you more that I have with anyone else my whole life. It sounded like a lot of money to begin with, but it doesn't feel like that anymore. I really appreciate you."

Male aged 31 of Cranbourne - [Karleigh]

"I know I don't NEED to come weekly anymore and every time you remind me how far I've come and suggest pushing my appointments out, I just don't care! I get so much out of it - you are worth every cent. You are, in this one hour, the highlight of my week."

Male aged 32 of Frankston - [Karleigh]

"I came in to see Karleigh with my daughter as we were having issues as dad and daughter. Karleigh has been great for my daughter, identifying the issues that she was having and she has also been able to equip me with skills that have helped me to have a better relationship with her and we now are getting along much better. I would recommend her to anyone."

Male aged 43 and daughter aged 16 - [Karleigh]

"After reading about More Than Mediocre on the website, I felt it was what I needed personally. After only a few sessions I could see what I needed and wanted to do to save my marriage, not to mention be happier in myself. It's only a few months on and people already say I look so much happier. My marriage is great. I have had a promotion at work. I am happy. Life is good. Thank you Tracey-Leigh."

Male aged 44 of Beaconsfield [Tracey-Leigh]

"There's one word that describes your services to me, and that is: motivational. It is so hard to put into words but all I know is that after I leave you, my head feels clearer and I am able to see things differently. I make all those appointments that I have been meaning to make, have those conversations that I have put off and I realise that it is okay for me to do things for myself that bring me enjoyment".

Female aged 42 of Berwick - [Tracey-Leigh]

"Hesitant to come here at first but very glad I did now. Thank you for opening my eyes."

Male aged 43 years of Emerald - [Tracey-Leigh]

"I was such a mess when I came to see you 6 weeks ago, I thought something was wrong with me but already I'm feeling so much better, I've literally changed so many things in my life in this time I can't believe I feel so amazing now. Really glad I did it. And I'm not broken, you have helped me see that."

Male aged 34 of Noble Park - [Karleigh]

"I have been feeling really good after coming here and speaking about how I was feeling - it has helped me a lot."

Female aged 17 of Tynong

"At first I was really apprehensive about coming, but even after my first session it was as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I actually enjoy coming and my confidence is at an all time high".

Female aged 23 of Narre Warren South - [Karleigh]

"It was great and so easy to talk. I think their counsellors would relate well with any one of any age and I have already recommended them to others."

Female aged 51 of Narre Warren

"I see things differently now and behave differently. I feel like I'm growing up and it's only happened since I met you."

Female aged 41 of Baxter - [Tracey-Leigh]

"Thank you for everything, for all your support and insight. You have a special gift for listening with your heart."

Female aged 54 of Moonee Ponds

"She has been fantastic! She sees everything, she doesn't miss a trick and she challenges me as well - but nicely!"

Female of couple aged 47 of Langwarrin

"I wanted to say a huge thank you. You were absolutely amazing and you gave me the strength and courage to get through one of the hardest and definitely weirdest times of my life! You're incredible at what you do. Thank you so much!"

Male aged 21 of Ringwood - [Tracey-Leigh]

"It was like you already knew me! Thank you, I couldn't have got through it without you. You are incredibly good at what you do."

Male aged 31 of Rowville - [Tracey-Leigh]

"Thank you for asking all the questions I needed. You really challenged me to consider what I really wanted - what was important to me. I can now move on. Thank you so much Tracey-Leigh."

Female aged 27 of Brisbane - [Tracey-Leigh]

"When I first came to see Tracey-Leigh I was in dire straits. My life was a mess and I didn't know who to turn to for help. I had previously seen other counsellors but never warmed to them, and so I never felt comfortable to open up. Tracey-Leigh was so friendly and easy to talk to. There was none of the cold "text book" counselling at all. I've shared my joys and sorrows, my heartache and pain and many tears with Tracey-Leigh. She's been like a best friend, mentor, counsellor and life coach all rolled into one. To be honest, I don't know where I'd be today without her. I have become a much stronger, healthier, happier individual and with my dreams in sight, I'm now shooting for the stars. I have recommended family and friends to see Tracey-Leigh, counsellors like her are very hard to find!!"

Female aged 30 of Warragul - [Tracey-Leigh]

"Once I took the leap of faith to go on a journey of self discovery with Tracey-Leigh's guidance, it opened my eyes to some home truths about myself and what my wants and needs are in life. My interpretations of relationship behaviours has changed for the better and I am more comfortable and accepting within my own skin now. Tracey-Leigh has this amazing gift... She just makes so much sense in how to help people reach their goals."

Female aged 41 of Pakenham - [Tracey-Leigh]

Unfortunately, we are unable to publish client testimonials for Prianka due to the requirements of AHPRA whilst she completes her final requirements for registration, so sadly, we have had to remove them from our website. As soon as we are permitted, we will re-publish her client testimonials on our website - along with any new ones. Please rest assured - there are many!

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